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28 Jun 2023

were further presented to the Ministry of Economy and Finance – the national Indigenous Peoples’ way of living and our traditional knowledge are crucial designated authority for the GCF in Peru –, the Ministry of Environment, and to the profound change needed to overcome the climate and biodiversity relevant accredited GCF entities with the aim of institutionalising a formal crises. [...] on a majority of the panels at the Forum, the strong attendance of Indigenous representatives, and the fact that the Global Indigenous Caucus was invited to The Kigali IPLC Declaration included recommendations and requests to make declarations at both the opening and closing sessions of the Forum. [...] It further provided the basis for the keynote addresses Forum in Geneva that resulted in the adoption of a common Indigenous Peoples’ of Indigenous Peoples at the opening and closing sessions of the APAC and advocacy strategy during the Forum. [...] IWGIA’s support made it possible for Indigenous leaders to exchange information on the impacts of the activities of companies on their territories and rights and to be informed on existing regulatory instruments and mechanisms that address the situation of the impacts of companies on human rights and the rights of Indigenous Peoples.” Benito Calixto, Co-Chair of the Global Indigenous Caucus of the. [...] In the Saami context, it is important that we continue to map the differences and similarities of implementation of Indigenous rights in the four nation states of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia, the countries that each incorporate parts of the divided Sápmi, the area traditionally inhabited by the Saami.
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