cover image: Bridging text with context: knowledge translation in the Global South


Bridging text with context: knowledge translation in the Global South

27 Jul 2023

This research report outlines empirical findings on challenges and enablers of knowledge translation in the Global South, emphasising the importance of context for Southern knowledge translation practitioners. The Knowledge Translation in the Global South project, funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and undertaken by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and OTT Consulting, seeks to identify similarities and differences in knowledge translation (KT) strategies and practices used by Southern researchers across different disciplines and investigate the challenges they face. It ultimately aims to recommend support mechanisms and procurement innovations to donors seeking to create an enabling environment for Southern-led research for development. The findings of this research report shed light on the complexity of KT in the Global South. While the ultimate goal of KT is to bring evidence closer to its users, its impact can vary widely depending on context, and our findings suggest a need to move away from notions of ‘Southern exceptionalism’.
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Fajri Siregar, Marcela Morales, Julie LaFrance, Jessica Correa, Enrique Mendizabal

Published in
United Kingdom