cover image: Russian Aggression in Ukraine and Current Challenges for the Sustainable Development


Russian Aggression in Ukraine and Current Challenges for the Sustainable Development

23 Jun 2023

As ARC experts noted, the aggressor’s undermining of the Kakhovka HPP became a separate crime of genocide, including the forced deportation of the population of the villages and cities adjacent to the Dnipro in the left-bank Kherson region, the destruction of their houses and the murder of those who cannot escape flooding. [...] During the week after the occupants blew up the HPP, these allegations received a lot of evidence, this is the aggressor’s refusal to allow UN assistance to the victims of flooding to the occupied Left Bank of the Kherson region, and the blocking of the flooded areas by the aggressor’s troops and punishers32. [...] Experts stressed on COP 27 that the main negative consequences for the indigenous peoples of Crimea, including the Crimean Tatars older persons, are the destruction or damage due to climatic changes of natural ecosystems and areas of traditional farming, namely: the desertification of the Western Crimea, the deforestation of the Crimean mountains, the destruction and disappearance of marine coasta. [...] Experts stressed on COP 27 the duty for the discussion and assessment by intergovernmental bodies, governments of developing countries, nature protection and human rights organizations, and institutions of the world’s indigenous peoples of the forms of direct and indirect negative environmental and economic impact of Russian aggression in the field of climate change and related rights of the indig. [...] The result should be the development of plans to counteract the corresponding negative processes, at the level of international organizations, governments and non-governmental environmental protection structures, organizations of the indigenous peoples of the world, the inclusion of relevant issues in international documents of legal and political dimensions, in particular, in the dimension of inc.



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