cover image: Opportunity: - Question: What costs will not be funded under this call?


Opportunity: - Question: What costs will not be funded under this call?

28 Jul 2023

For a definition of an asset in the context of this opportunity please refer to the additional information section of the funding opportunity. [...] If a minor fieldwork component were included strong justification would the potential role of fieldwork and the creation of training data? have to be made and we would advise applicants to focus on the assessment criteria and in particular reviewer questions and to take this into account when formulating your application. [...] if using Jasmin, or do they need to be costed as part of the funding? Eligibility Is the project-lead expected to be within NERC remit or could lead be Mathematicians Not a problem if lead is outside of NERC remit, we want to encourage innovative, transdisciplinary consortia which advance and Statisticians? the state-of-the-art. [...] Eligibility Do companies need to be based in the UK? Are the funding/reporting requirements Project leads and project co-leads based outside the UK are not permitted to apply for funding via this opportunity similar to the Small Business Innovation and Research Program in the United States? Eligibility For 'no more than two applications'. [...] Misc Is there expectation for the outputs of the project to be commercialized at the end of the • There are no specific expectations for outputs of the project to be commercialised.


Georgina Douglas - UKRI

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