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Organisational Development Support : A Rough Guide - Top Eight Learnings

30 Jun 2023

Many funders are starting to recognise the value of Organisational Development (OD) support and are looking to peer organisations on how to create OD programmes. In doing this, many grantmaking foundations want to reflect on the experience of other organisations on how they began OD programmes, before starting their own. Simultaneously, funders that already provide OD support are looking at how they can enhance their programmes by wanting to learn from the experiences of others. The Organisational Development (OD) Community of Practice organised its second-ever satellite event before the start of the Philea Forum 2023 in Å ibenik, Croatia. This document serves as a knowledge product generated during the session, presenting the top eight learnings shared by participants at the satellite event. Its primary objective is to assist funders in gaining an understanding of key steps involved in developing OD support programmes. Â
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Sevda Kilicalp, Daniel Spiers

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