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13 Jul 2023

To take the perspective of others it is required that we be non-judgmental and open to the perspectives and personal truths being offered to us. [...] We use our ears to listen by paying attention not just to the words spoken but also to the tone, pace and emphasis, to help understand the person’s relationship to the words. [...] We use our heart to listen as we empathize with the person we’re listening to, as we experience the emotions being shared and as we care for the person and their opinions. [...] The compassionate action we take with our language has a ripple effect, strengthening relationships and reducing the stigma and detriment we may witness or experience within: ourselves, our workplaces, for our friends and family, within the media and the broader community. [...] COMMUNICATION, COMPASSION & EMPATHY WORKBOOK 19 Shifting Language: Creating Change Shifting the language of systems and society requires us to be bold and take ownership of the ways we use our language to care for others.



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