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LAHURNIP_AIPP_IWGIA_Report_FPIC for Tamang in Nepal_ENG_

21 Aug 2023

The Research applies the IFC PS7 as the benchmark for the assessment of the FPIC process It evaluates the implementation of the agreements and other arrangements put in place during the FPIC process The Research attempts to capture the perspectives of the Project-Affected Tamang, including the women and elders, and records the voices of Tamang women and men on the implementation of the IPP Researc. [...] 3.3 FPIC Right of the Project-Affected Tamang The right to FPIC of the Project-Affected Tamang is given in particular in the context of the land acquisition and physical displacement from a hydropower project In the specific context of the Project, the lenders (IFC, ADB, AIIB and FMO) have determined that the Project- Affected Tamang have the right to FPIC under their respective operational polici. [...] ESIA (2018: 7.5 – 3) records that the Company had “completed the land take process for approximately 93 percent of the land required for the Project… Similarly, the Company had completed the land take process for 81 percent of the structures required for the Project” The Project documents record that the Company carried out a few public meetings in the months of September and October 2012 in the v. [...] @Author/Photo/A Tamang Monastery The focus groups and interviews carried out by the Research team record that this “annulment of the trust land was carried out by the government [Cabinet of Ministers] at the behest of the Company under the pretext that the Tamang tenants were illegal squatters on the trust land” 95 While it disputes that it had asked the government for the annulment of the religio. [...] The Company instead sought for and documented the FPIC for the specific implementation of the Project Indigenous Peoples Plan (IPP - 2018) which had a narrower scope; the discussions during the FPIC process were focused primarily on the institutional arrangements and financial allocations for the IPP implementation This was one of the structural gaps in seeking the FPIC The final version of the IP.
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