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Himalaya Report_22_08_2023.cdr

22 August 2023


The significantly change the precipitation impacts of climate change are superimposed on a patterns that is leading to changes in variety of other environmental and social stresses, river runoff and ultimately affecting many already recognized as severe.6 The Himalayan agricultural productivity and human region is the source of ten of the largest rivers in Asia. [...] The melting glaciers would mean floods and fast run-offs in the rivers in the short term and droughts and water scarcity in the long term. [...] 6 Climate Change: A Himalayan Odyssey 2.4 R unoff 16 17 Photo: Shailendra Yashwant for CANSA One of the main concerns in relation to climate In Asia, climate change induced glacial melt change in the Himalayan region is the reduction could seriously affect half a billion people in the of snow and ice, which reduces the water Himalayan region overall and a quarter of a storage capacity. [...] Moreover, innovative solutions such as concentrated in the mountain regions, but the electric transportation and a clean source of major users of the energy are the urban areas domestic and industrial energy supply would and industries in the plains. [...] mitigation and USD 270 billion for adaptation.47 Regional experts have been calling for global The urgency of environmental issues in the support and collaboration to increase the Himalayan region is further underscored by resilience of the region, and a broad regional disasters such as recent floods in Pakistan and framework of cooperation that identifies specific the 2017/18 floods in Nepal and.

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