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14 Aug 2023

The IPS Program on Inequality and the Common Good was founded in 2006 to draw attention to the growing dangers of concentrated wealth and power, and to advocate for policies and practices to reverse extreme inequalities in income, wealth, and opportunity. [...] 5 The Economic Reality of African Americans in the 1960s In the 1950s and 1960s, African Americans in the United States faced significant socioeconomic challenges. [...] Many of the wage and wealth gains in the past twenty years have flowed upwards to not just the top 1% of households, but to the top 0.1% of households. [...] The Economic Reality of African Americans in the Twenty-First Century Compared to the political and economic progress of the 1960s, the 21st century has been much less fruitful, even as the country saw its first African American president and a national recognition of police brutality most known through Black Lives Matter protests. [...] The tax credit is designed to overcome the gap between the cost of purchasing and renovating homes and the value of the sale price of homes in particular communities.


Kalena Thomhave

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United States of America