cover image: Response to the Australian Universities Accord Interim Report


Response to the Australian Universities Accord Interim Report

1 Sep 2023

Reflection one – a system approach to achieve the aims of the Accord While the Interim Report provides an optimistic vision for a more equitable playing field among the participants of Australia’s tertiary sector, there lies potential for unintended and detrimental consequences to arise from some of the key considerations promoted by the Interim Report in its pursuit of equitable outcomes. [...] In undertaking a systems approach to the reform intent of the Accord, RUN considers the following to be of vital importance: • The alignment between higher education and industry and the role of universities in providing a broad- based education to graduates – Attachment V. [...] As it exists as a high-level framework, the UHEAC simply seeks to act as a circuit breaker between Universal Higher Education meeting the necessary targets and opportunities of the future (as set out by the Interim Report), and the Access Commitment regressive operating environments of the past for In its initial response to the Higher Education Accord regional institutions. [...] RUN welcomes the holistic approach being taken by the Accord process insofar as reimagining key aspects It is critical to ensure that the establishment and of our system that were exposed to the influence of operation of compacts are based on guiding principles the JRG package – student/public split of contributions with the student and student outcomes at the heart and subsequent loan repayment p. [...] For instance, universities must incentivising enrolment aligned to workforce need, maintain the flexibility and autonomy to define their base funding, and the true cost of course delivery, and missions, and have agency to function competitively the objectives/distribution of regional loading, among in local and international markets to meet the needs others.
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