cover image: Development Cooperation Review - Special Issue New Hopes, New Horizons and G20


Development Cooperation Review - Special Issue New Hopes, New Horizons and G20

6 Sep 2023

Moreover, most striking is the return of the US to the policy agenda for AI in the XXI UNESCO, recognising the relevance of century should couple the institutional UNESCO’s mandate and in particular and regulation agenda with substantial its leadership role in AI ethics policy. [...] These include The era of light-touch ex-post the Ethical Impact Assessment, which self-regulation is ending for good with identifies the impact of AI systems the arrival of big language models and both ex-ante and ex-post, and the GenAI. [...] With the transparency and explainability should support of the Japanese government, involve, at least, providing real references the Patrick McGovern Foundation, for the factual claims made, so that users the European Commission and CAF, can understand where the answers they and the Development Bank of Latin are getting come from, and are better America, UNESCO is now deploying empowered to judge. [...] mainly focused on assessing how jobs will In addition, foundation models change and understanding the jobs of the reinforce concerns about the impact of future, but the real challenge is to provide AI on labour markets and the speed and the necessary support for the transition depth with which certain jobs will change; period, which can be long and painful. [...] on the kinds of rules and policies needed Moreover, when choosing AI methods, for the ethical development and use given the potential data-intensive or of AI, but also to explore institutional resource-intensive character of some of innovations that could take on the them and the respective impact on the oversight role in AI.
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