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5 September 2023


the initial Where available, the date of the event is provided up to the driver that caused the lake to form (Driver_lake) and the day of the event. [...] Sources (scientific, media, oral) of the RGI delineation, 30 % of the GLOFs were recorded in all events are provided as full citations (Ref_scientific_full) the Karakoram, 18 % in the Eastern Himalaya, and 29 % in or links to the newspaper sources (Ref_other). [...] This may be explained either by surge cycles occurring around In the section below, we discuss the potential of the GLOF the same time, resulting in ephemeral ice-dammed lakes, or database for comparisons with existing and future data the piqued interest of the British Empire around the turn of sources related to regional assessments and investigations the century in the region during the Great Ga. [...] independence and finally grew again towards the end of the century, as seen in other areas with increased infrastructure 4.1 Temporal and spatial trends development, starting with the construction of the Karako- ram Highway between the 1960s and 1970s (Kreutzmann, The discussion on whether GLOFs are increasing with a 1991) and the arrival of media in remote areas. [...] Fig- the Tien Shan, influenced by westerlies rather than the South ure 3a shows a clear and rapid increase of recorded events in Asian monsoon, providing an indication for the potential of the Tien Shan from the mid-20th century, with a subsequent using such a dataset to investigate the importance of regional decrease in the 1990s.

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