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28 Aug 2023

If the upper limit of that proposed standard were met, people living in the 40 • The African countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, counties that exceeded that level in 2021 could gain a combined Latin America struggles with pollution hotspots and lacks Rwanda, Burundi, and Republic of the Congo are amongst the 3.2 million life years. [...] Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and The most polluted region of India is the Northern Plains , home Pakistan—where 22.9 percent of the global population lives—are to more than a half billion people and 38.9 percent of the country’s residents stand to gain more than 7 years onto their lives from recognizing the severity of the problem, and governments are the top four most polluted countries in the world. [...] both the quality of the air and topsoil.29 In the end, the real test for air pollution.30 these policy changes in South Asia will be if they are able to make Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar—all less impacted by the air cleaner and lengthen average life expectancies in the region. [...] “Environment minister: Brick kilns m in Phayao in the North, to 20.6 µg/m in the metropolis of 30 Southeast Asia includes the following countries: Brunei, responsible for 58% air pollution in Dhaka.” 3Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Bangkok, to 13.4 µg/m in Phuket in the South. [...] 30 To meet the goals laid out in its National Air Quality Action Plan, However, the pollution in China is still six times the WHO 20 the government began to restrict the number of cars on the road guideline and remains one of the top threats to life expectancy in 10 WHO PM2.5 Guideline (last updated: 2021): 5 µg/m³ in large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.
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