cover image: Future of International Cooperation Report 2023 - Building Shared Futures: Innovating Governance for Global


Future of International Cooperation Report 2023 - Building Shared Futures: Innovating Governance for Global

12 Sep 2023

It shows how carefully designed and responsible initiatives in cyber-governance, including the regulation of artificial intelligence, and in reinvigorated peacebuilding can benefit peoples and nations and influence the outcomes of the Sustainable Development Goals Summit this September and the Summit of the Future in September 2024. [...] The Future is Now: Advancing the SDG Summit and Summit of the Future Action Agendas Next year’s Summit of the Future is designed to realize—through well-conceived, politically acceptable, and adequately resourced reform proposals—the international systemic changes needed to fill the global governance systems gaps identified in the Political Declaration of the SDG Summit. [...] The first of the “3Ds,” diplomacy is described sometimes as the principal substitute for the use of force in international relations and the way that states and non-state actors regularly influence each other.30 At the turn of the twenty-first century, emphasis has been placed on global approaches to the art of diplomacy itself,31 which includes day-to-day implementation of foreign policies, multi. [...] The high seas and the deep seabeds, the polar caps, the atmosphere, space—and potentially even cyberspace— provide enduring examples of what constitutes the global commons.38 PEACEBUILDING Peacebuilding refers to efforts to avoid the outbreak or recurrence of violent conflict, giving special attention to developing and rebuilding national and local capacities for the management and resolution of p. [...] The vast majority of states have already ratified IHL in regard to warfare; applying it to newer weapon systems is both politically and operationally feasible.112 Negotiations on the international peace and security chapter of the Pact for the Future—an anticipated outcome of the Summit of the Future— should carefully build upon ongoing CCW-related negotiations to drive pressure on the largest sta.
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