cover image: After Putin, the Flood? Succession and Authoritarian Continuity in Russia


After Putin, the Flood? Succession and Authoritarian Continuity in Russia

5 Jun 2023

A Russian succession That being said, what, then, is the most likely scenario of succession in Russia? For planned successions formal procedures tend to be involved: The incumbent appoints the successor to the position next in line to the presidency, resigns and allows the machinery of transition to do what it has been designed to do. [...] Yevgeny Prigozhin, of Wagner fame, is a good example of this, as he tries to succeed where the regular Russian army failed, all in a bid to enhance his own standing within Putin’s patron-client network.19 The appearance of heightened tensions within the regime can be further explained by the increased attention paid to its inner workings, in the pursuit to understand what is happening in the ever. [...] What would this scenario entail for the authoritarian continuity of the current regime in Russia? While Mishustin would become acting president in the event of Putin’s death, until new elections were held, the probable outcome would be that of the regime elite—guided by a sense of self-preservation—consolidating around either a compromise candidate seen as a pliable puppet, as was the case with Be. [...] If the fortunes of war continue to disfavor Russia, and the war’s international and domestic consequences continue to multiply, a major consideration for the elite in a succession scenario would likely be whether to continue the war or not. [...] Quite to the contrary, they very much share and are shaped by the same regressive worldview: From the very end of the Soviet Union to the first days of Russia reborn, the imperialist legacy has lived on through them.
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