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8 Sep 2023

In thousands of deaths from the new virus, In countries where the Global Fund invests 2022, the Global Fund partnership we and our modeling partners have achieved a further acceleration, with concluded that given the dynamics Historical trend Continuation of recent trend Global target pathway to 2030 a 26% increase in the number of of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the people diagnosed and treated for. [...] The COVID-19 and Russia’s invasion of Global Fund is uniquely positioned to Ukraine, and with inflation and higher respond to these challenges, given interest rates, many of the countries the sheer range of skills and strengths in which the Global Fund invests are of our diverse partnership and the finding it increasingly challenging to demonstrable adaptability of our sustain, let alone increase,. [...] But, for the on track to end these diseases, make most marginalized in the world, it would the world a safer place and accelerate be a tragedy to lose momentum in the progress towards the SDG 3 goal of fight against HIV, TB and malaria, and universal health coverage and health and see the hard-won gains of the last two well-being for all. [...] Innovation in HIV prevention HIV received medicine In addition to providing support for to keep them alive and prevent transmitting The Global Fund adapts HIV prevention oral PrEP programming, the Global HIV to their babies investments to reach the people in most Fund has begun supporting the in 2022. [...] These together with the Stop TB Partnership TB in 2022; treatment coverage reached efforts strengthened TB programs to and WHO, has also been working with 28% in 2021 and the rapidly counteract the impact of the national TB programs and partners multidrug-resistant TB 2M COVID-19 pandemic on the coverage of to stop the spread of TB and reach treatment success rate increased from 51% in TB services.
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