cover image: Securing Clean Energy from Nuclear Power for Climate Change Mitigation - CLIMATE CHANGE


Securing Clean Energy from Nuclear Power for Climate Change Mitigation - CLIMATE CHANGE

21 Sep 2023

The global energy crisis spurs a revival of nuclear power in Asia and an improvement in public opinion on it, as countries grappled with the economic DISASTER RELIEF impact of rising energy costs and limited supply exacerbated by the lingering impact of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. [...] Thus, the overall gov- government issued a new energy policy that aims to maintain ernance challenge is to advance and boost national policies the share of nuclear power in the country's energy mix at a and international cooperation that uphold safe, secure, well- minimum of 30% by 2030. [...] From 274 million people who needed humanitarian under criticism for privileging the views of Western aid workers assistance in January 2022, the number went up to 324 million and “experts” above the perspectives of locals who actually people – due in part to crises such as the invasion of Ukraine and experience the crisis. [...] 2023 Patrick Gathara The New Humanitarian | 24 August EVENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Q&A: ‘We're changing the world of supply in humanitarian work as we know it’ The awareness of the need to take the needs of the environ- ment in account when delivering humanitarian aid has led the Advancing Public-Private Humanitarian Partnership UNHCR to reduce their carbon footprint and make the provi- - Security Counc. [...] It Libya: Migrants among thousands feared dead also seeks to examine the impact of factors such as family con- and missing after storm Daniel Of the thousands feared dead and missing in the aftermath siderations and axes of identity such as ethnicity, class and gen- of storm Daniel, a significant proportion is likely to be mi- der, and how they manifest.



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