Policy Brief - Development of National Action Plans (NAPs) on Youth, Peace
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Policy Brief - Development of National Action Plans (NAPs) on Youth, Peace

15 September 2023


popularization and advocacy The first major takeaway is the need for the domestication and to ensure that the NAP complements implementation of CFYPS at the the relevant YPS normative national and regional levels; frameworks, to ensure that the values and aims of the two programs are b. [...] responsibility of the AUC and the Indeed, Outcome 1 of the 10- RECs/RMs to advocate for the Year Implementation Plan on development of NAPs by their Participation specified the Member States, (b) expressly enjoins imperative for youth to “participate the Member States to develop their equally in decision-making NAPs in accordance with the CFYPS, processes and the implementation while accounting fo. [...] In short, frameworks, the role of stakeholders, the value of NAPs-YPS does not only the essence of the NAP, conflict reside in the adoption of a national dynamics in the region/country, the framework. [...] To promote the implementation of the CFYPS and imperatives of the YPS agenda, the AU PSC has repeatedly called for “continued collaboration between the AU Commission and the RECs/RMs on the implementation of the Continental Framework on Youth Peace and Security, and the support of AU Member States to develop NAPs as one of the best strategies to advance the youth, peace and security agenda on the. [...] The first of these AU-led conversations represents the foundation for this piece, which has identified five critical elements in the NAP development process, namely: (1) the necessity to align NAPs to the normative frameworks on YPS, particularly the CFYPS; (2) the recognition of Member States as critical stakeholders in the process; (3) the centrality of youth (peacebuilders) in the development o.

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