cover image: The War in Ukraine: 16 Perspectives, 9 Key Insights - Eado Hecht, Shay Shabtai (Eds.)


The War in Ukraine: 16 Perspectives, 9 Key Insights - Eado Hecht, Shay Shabtai (Eds.)

25 Aug 2023

♦ The limitations of the ancillary efforts: The actions of the special-forces in the city of Kyiv at the beginning of the war, in an attempt to decapitate the political leadership of Ukraine and end the war in one fell swoop, did not lead to the desired achievement due to the absence of surprise and the dependence of these forces on the rapid arrival of large regular forces to support them. [...] However, the main characteristics of the war in Ukraine are familiar to us from the past – the competition for industrial production and the difficulty of the opponents to produce weapons and ammunition at the rate they are consumed at the front, the reliance on war machines of various types, the reliance on armed foot soldiers and also the use of information age means, including warfare in the ne. [...] Despite the songs of praise written for the armed-drones the Ukrainian army employed at the beginning of the war and for the latest generation anti-tank missiles that the Americans provided to the Ukrainian army and later also the GPS-guided rockets, it turned out that the old means, statistical artillery, trenches and obstacles similar to those of the wars of the last century, tanks and APCs cont. [...] The Russian concept emphasized the defense of the Russian home-land and the Russian ground forces at the 40 I The War in Ukraine: 16 Perspectives, 9 Key Insights front, assistance to the ground forces through attacks beyond the range of the artillery and the landing of large forces in the enemy’s rear. [...] The level of the pilots, the manner of exploiting the inherent potential of the aircraft, the systematic operation of the air force in its variety of missions and the quality of the aircraft and the armaments used did not allow the potential inherent in advanced air power to be fully exploited – the nature of Russian air operations did not surpass the basics.
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