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AI Coalition Letter(144352733.22)

11 Sep 2023

For instance, some are advocating for new laws that would require developers of AI systems to get permission from and negotiate with countless rightsholders to get access to the material they need to teach their models how to be useful in the modern world. [...] These proposals would both significantly expand the scope of the traditional copyright monopoly and create overwhelming practical impediments to effective AI development, thus undermining the foundational purpose of our copyright law, which is, ultimately, to “promote the progress of Science and useful Arts.” U. [...] That dynamic structure is the reason that the United States is not only the most successful creative economy in history, but is also the primary source of the technological innovation that has driven the global economy for over half a century. [...] Upsetting that balance through legislation that expands the scope of intellectual property protection would jeopardize our role as the global leader of AI development and hamper our ability to compete on the international stage. [...] As Congress, the courts, creators, developers, and other stakeholders continue to discuss the impact of AI technology on our economy and our society, we look forward to continuing to work with you to understand this nascent technology and develop legislative solutions that protect both this nation’s thriving creative economy and its global leadership in this exciting and potentially transformative.



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