R Street Institute

R Street Institute

Type Research Center
Website rstreet.org
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2012
Location Washington, D.C. United States of America United States of America
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Corporations, Foundations or grants
Tags energy state policy governance cybersecurity competition justice federal policy drug and harm reduction
Summary R Street Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization. Our mission is to engage in policy research and outreach to promote free markets and limited, effective government. In addition to our D.C. headquarters, we have offices in Georgia, Texas, Ohio and California. We work extensively on both state and national policy, and focus on issues that other groups tend to neglect. Our specialty is tackling issues that are complex, but don’t necessarily grab major headlines. These are the areas where we think we can have a real impact.

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R Street Institute · 20 January 2023 English

According to the Institute for Justice, Virginia has the sixth-highest burden for licensed occupations; however, the Old Dominion is poised to head in a new direction and join 18 other …

R Street Institute · 19 January 2023 English

The new risk of liability would lead websites to remove many of the functionalities that have allowed online readers to find speech relevant to their interests, a crucial tool that …

R Street Institute · 18 January 2023 English

In July 2021, RSI joined a broad coalition of groups seeking a comprehensive, independent study of the electric power industry and its regulation to assure the industry is providing consumers …

R Street Institute · 17 January 2023 English

Overall, states do an effective job of encouraging competition and ensuring solvency in The insurance market is also the largest and most significant portion of the financial insurance markets. [...] …

R Street Institute · 11 January 2023 English

To help assist newly elected legislators in their public safety agendas this year—or to help seasoned legislators to strengthen their bipartisan criminal justice work—we have provided information on key public …

R Street Institute · 10 January 2023 English

The American Bar Association, which refers to the practice as “alternative litigation finance,” or ALF, defines it as “the funding of litigation activities by entities other than the parties themselves, …

R Street Institute · 10 January 2023 English

The nation needs full market saturation of naloxone to address the scope and severity of the opioid epidemic effectively. [...] Need for Community Saturation of Naloxone Hydrochloride Community saturation refers …

R Street Institute · 9 January 2023 English

Most of the specific questions posed in the Commission’s Request are related specifically to the performance credit mechanism (PCM), but subsequent discussion in a variety of forums has made clear …

R Street Institute · 15 December 2022 English

Section 112 of the Patent Act stipulates the public disclosure the patentee must provide in order to receive a patent: The specification shall contain a written description of the invention, …

R Street Institute · 15 December 2022 English

S.; deleting the right to attorney fees payable by insurers in the alternative procedure for resolution of disputed sinkhole insurance claims; conforming a provision to changes made by the act; …

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