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1 IFS Alan Gura, SBN 178221 2

12 Sep 2023

10 The Chancellor’s DEIA guidance and criteria comprehensively call for faculty to 11 acknowledge, understand, and apply the state’s political ideology; engage in self-reflection and self- 12 assessment of their own personal commitment to the ideology; commit themselves to “continuous 13 improvement” of their “DEI and anti-racism knowledge, skills, and behaviors;” promote and 14 incorporate DEI an. [...] 20 “Faculty members shall employ teaching, learning, and professional practices that reflect 21 DEIA and anti-racist principles, and in particular, respect for, and acknowledgement of the diverse 22 backgrounds of students and colleagues to improve equitable student outcomes and course 23 completion.” Cal. [...] Garrett’s transgressions included: 17 Authoring an op-ed piece in the Bakersfield Californian that “disregarded the impact of [an] attack” consisting of the posting of political stickers, “took issue with BC’s characterization 18 of the stickers as ‘hate speech’ and ‘vandalism,’” “suggested that their content was protected by the First Amendment,” and even “went further to suggest that certain t. [...] ¶ 11a; 4 Linking to his Fox News Digital interview on the RIFL Facebook page, and “continu[ing] to permit the RIFL Facebook page to post” criticism of the school and its faculty, which the 5 President and Chancellor asserted were “false and baseless attacks,” id. [...] The DEIA requirements chill his speech, including his academic freedom in the classroom 26 and as the Faculty Lead of RIFL, and compel him to affirm, promote, and celebrate a political 27 ideology that he rejects and even finds abhorrent.



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