cover image: Voice to Parliament Booklet (without quotes) download copy


Voice to Parliament Booklet (without quotes) download copy

25 Sep 2023

The Design Principles for the Voice Whilst the final form that the Voice will take on will be decided upon by Parliament, the design principles set out in the Government's 'Indigenous Voice Co-Design Process' that consulted with First Nations Peoples and experts over a two-year period, outlines how the Voice could work. [...] by the 1 representing Torres Strait communities Islanders living on the mainland THE VOICE TO PARLIAMENT CLINIC ‘Ask us First’ The Voice to Parliament Clinic’s video piece ‘Ask us First’ provides an engaging platform to distinguished First Nations leaders, activists, musicians, athletes, and artists to answer questions and common misconceptions about the Voice to Parliament. [...] They fled the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were oppression of both the Nazis and the Communists removed from their families and communities to be who wished to erase their culture, language and raised white as recently as the 1970s. [...] Enshrining the Voice in the Uluru Dialogues, the process that led to the Uluru Constitution is an important practical safeguard; it Statement from the Heart, were unrepresentative; protects against a future Parliament abolishing the and it alleges that the sequence of Voice, Treaty, body. [...] The power concern Some take issue with the advisory nature of the Voice relates to the alleged weakness of the proposed and do not trust Governments to actually listen if they constitutional amendment.



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