cover image: User Briefing The Funding Service - September 2023


User Briefing The Funding Service - September 2023

22 Sep 2023

How to add members of your core team The application form asks you to: • name the correct members of the project team who will be working on the project • give each member a ‘role’ in the project – each funding opportunity has a specific set of roles to choose from To help you assign roles to members of your team, see guid. [...] • in the ‘how to apply’ section of the funding opportunity web page • You can monitor the progress of • with each question in the Funding Service application form your application from submission • Complete most of your application using text boxes to answer to outcome using your Funding questions in the online application form. [...] • The make-up of the team The resources requested to do the project What will you need to deliver your proposed work and how much • Disciplinary-specific ethical questions will it cost? The ethical and responsible research and innovation (RRI) Guidance for specific opportunities will be considerations of the project published on the funding finder as each What are the ethical or RRI implications a. [...] Applicant training materials summary Training videos now available for applicants We are building a growing library of training videos for applications to the Funding Service, including: • How to find an opportunity using the Funding finder • Completing an application in the Funding Service • How to apply for an opportunity in the Funding Service Training videos will get regularly • Completing the. [...] How can I add people to the administration function within the Service? Please email the helpdesk on with the details of who you would like to add to the administration function within the Service.
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