The Corporate Climate Finance Playbook - Unlocking Corporate Finance for Climate Action
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The Corporate Climate Finance Playbook - Unlocking Corporate Finance for Climate Action

27 September 2023


The decision-making flowchart helps readers explore how to align climate and business goals in service of climate initiatives, match the appropriate financial instrument to the innovation stage of the climate initiative, assess risk appetite, and consider how to deploy various instruments alongside each other in a holistic strategy. [...] To do this, corporations need to understand which instruments are available and match those instruments to the targeted innovation stage, the desired financial return, and the intended goals of their strategy.  Figure 1 provides a “birds-eye view” of the climate finance instruments available, and how they stack up against innovation stages and financial returns. [...] “One of the ‘superpowers’ of a corporate foundation is the flexibility to leverage blended finance to accelerate climate solutions and promote a systems approach to climate action: prioritizing inclusion and affordability, advancing education and awareness, enhancing connectivity, and filling critical financing gaps,” said Jocelyn Matyas, Cisco Foundation Climate Impact Investing Lead. [...] 16 The Corporate Climate Finance Playbook: Unlocking Corporate Finance for Climate Action • C-Suite Executives and the Board: When speaking to the C-Suite and board, they’re looking at the full picture, from climate to business impact, and on aligning strategy with public goals. [...] Credits: A company may choose to purchase carbon credits to use as offsets if it is seeking to achieve a Carbon credits and climate-related emission reduction goal and the cost and level of effort required to achieve this renewable energy internally is higher than the cost of credits or the company does not have the capability to fully credits achieve decarbonization of one or more aspects of its.

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