cover image: CEC Fact Sheet  #97    |    September  2023 O V


CEC Fact Sheet #97 | September 2023 O V

26 Sep 2023

emissions from Canada’s oil sands sector, it is a good time to examine projected government revenues and capital In this Fact Sheet, we use a constant price in real terms for expenditures (capex) expected from the sector through our analysis of government revenues and capex from the oil 2050. [...] and federal and provincial corporate taxes) from the country’s oil sands sector are expected to rise from an annual US$12.1 The written content in this report was prepared by the billion in 2023 to US$19.4 billion in 2050 (see Figure 1). [...] It relies on data obtained from the Rystad Energy UCube, but it does not represent On a cumulative basis, between 2023 and 2050 Canadian the views of Rystad Energy government revenues from the oil sands sector are projected to be over US$420.7 billion. [...] Under the US$60 per barrel price projection, capital UCube is Rystad Energy’s global upstream database, expenditures (capex) in Canada’s oil sands sector are including production and economics (costs, revenues, expected to rise from US$10.6 billion in 2023 to US$12.6 and valuations) for more than 80,000 assets, covering the billion in 2050 (see Figure 2). [...] The author and the Canadian Energy Centre would like to thank and acknowledge the assistance of two anonymous reviewers in reviewing the data and research for this Fact Sheet.
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