PARK watch - SEPTEMBER 2023  #293
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PARK watch - SEPTEMBER 2023 #293

25 September 2023


Also cared for through the continuation of the future of nature conservation in An independent and appropriately generosity to allow us to continue this The plan will oversee the creation of missing are limits on times and places comprehensive and well-resourced Victoria. [...] We understand there of land management works to manage 'community forestry' loophole highly fragmented landscapes in some The fact is that most logging in the are about 30 harvest and haulage the 1.8 million hectares of public of the most cleared areas of the state. [...] This is alarming as since animals and 14 threatened native to be the final nails in the coffin of million hectares of forest covered in spokesperson and Member for VicForests took control of the so plants were found in or closely this widely unpopular and damaging what's called the allocations order. [...] have promised a buffer zone for the Read more about our As fire management operations are When given the chance to reduce nest and chick, but made no mention rogue logging campaign subject to both Commonwealth and the harm to the park, by taking out of a delay to allow the chick to move state law, VNPA and local groups smaller length of wood and debris around undisturbed We are. [...] track the process to ensure that permanent protections are The findings of WOTCH and the VFA The groups have reported the illegal formalised urgently.

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