POLICY BRIEF - Impacts of the Ukraine Crises on Food Security
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POLICY BRIEF - Impacts of the Ukraine Crises on Food Security

5 October 2023


In Ethiopia, the impact of the crisis reduced the average income of the 25th percentile by 0.86%. [...] Imported inflation Although Kenya does not import sizeable quantities of unmilled wheat from Ukraine, the effects of the crisis filtered through the international market prices, with prices of wheat and wheat products responding in sync with the suppressed global wheat supply, which exerted pressure on wheat and wheat-related products in Kenya. [...] In Kenya, the marginal effect of the wheat price change emanating from the Ukraine- Russian crisis is attributed to the small proportion of wheat that originates from Ukraine and that Kenya imports the bulk of its wheat from Russia, whose exports were unaffected by the crisis. [...] 6 Policy Brief No.iWU-PB-002 Recommendations The trade dependence of Kenya and Ethiopia on Ukraine and the Russian Federation on some imports and the effect of the shock witnesses offers opportunities for strengthening trade between the two African countries. [...] The findings, opinions and recommendations are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Consortium, its individual members or the AERC Secretariat; neither do they reflect the views of IDRC or its Board of Governors.

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