cover image: Graduates in limbo: international student visa pathways after graduation


Graduates in limbo: international student visa pathways after graduation

2 Oct 2023

In the latest Best Student Cities rankings, Melbourne was rated the fourth-best and Sydney the 30% seventh-best.9 20% Post-study work rights and the possibility of migrating to Australia permanently are also important factors in international students’ 10% decision to choose Australia as their study destination.10 In a survey 0% of 1,156 international graduates, 76 per cent of respondents said the. [...] The relaxation of work rights during the pandemic, and then the complete economy over their working lives.e uncapping in January 2022, coincided with a big jump in student visa lodgements and a decline in the proportion of visa applications granted. [...] After the direct pathway to (Box 3).15 permanency was removed, international student numbers fell.a The Temporary Graduate visa allows international students to test In response, the government commissioned the Knight Review of themselves in the Australian labour market after they graduate, helping the student visa program, released in 2011, which recommended them to develop experience that they c. [...] 25 per cent of higher education students Graduate who received their student visa in 2013 took up the Temporary work Graduate visa, compared to 30 per cent of 2017 student visa recipients 50k 50k (Figure 1.4).23 A further 10 per cent of those who received a higher education student visa in 2018 were still on a student visa as of 31 December 2021, some of whom may also transition to a Temporary 0k. [...] In addition, the number of Temporary Graduate visa-holders in Australia Figure 1.5: Under current policy settings, the number of Temporary could grow as students change their course to one that is eligible for Graduate visa-holders in Australia could grow to about 370,000 the longer post-study work rights,27 or because additional international Projected number of Temporary Graduate visa-holders in.


Brendan Coates, Trent Wiltshire, Tyler Reysenbach

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