Growing the sharing energy economy 2
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Growing the sharing energy economy 2

10 October 2023


Growing the sharing energy economy 12 decreasing the use of the transmission network, probably decreasing the peak load on the local distribution network, and increasing the resilience of the system. [...] Given that in 2022, the combined value of the Regulated Asset Base (RAB) of the transmission and distribution networks in the NEM was $105.4 billion, making the most efficient use of these networks and reducing further spending on what could be the most expensive machine in the country is a vital economic consideration.13 As the combined transmission and distribution costs are 46% of household bil. [...] Growing the sharing energy economy 16 electric vehicles and BTM batteries able to interact effectively with the grid will have a significant impact on the future of household and business electricity bills.22 The same is true for the network component, which comprises 46% of bills.23 In the ITP. [...] How Can We Maximise the Benefits of DER and the Sharing Energy Economy? Having examined the value of DER, the sharing energy economy and saturation levels of DER, as well as the status of DER and the outlook for DER and coordinated DER, the remainder of this report examines how existing barriers to DER integration can be overcome to unlock the full value of DER and the sharing energy economy. [...] Under this approach, jurisdictions would amend the NEL to expand the role of the AER and the AEMC to allow for the comprehensive setting and enforcement of CER technical standards in the NER.

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