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15 October 2023 | Adopted

14 Oct 2023

Against the backdrop of a global climate emergency, and launching this roadmap with the Accra V20 Senior Officials’ Meeting in the spring of 2023, the V20 wil colaborate throughout the year including in Paris for the New Financial Pact and Nairobi for the Africa Climate Summit, culminating in engagements at the Marrakech IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings, to cement an international coalition behi. [...] Given the climate insecure future for economies, debt treatment should support the enhancement of climate resilience and the transition to climate-smart development, and inclusive debt-sustainability analysis considering the investment needs of national climate strategies and plans such as Climate Prosperity Plans. [...] Optimize the use of capital of MDBs/DFIs, adding momentum behind this shift by enabling higher lending ratios to capital for new investments that are green and resilient, and lowering lending ratios to capital for brown and risky investments, justified by the now evident reality of the different overal risk profiles that pertain to each class of investment. [...] Page 04 - 15 October 2023 - Adopted #4 REVOLUTIONIZE RISK MANAGEMENT FOR OUR CLIMATE INSECURE WORLD ECONOMY We must double down on efforts to accept and address the new climate insecure reality of the world economy and put in place with anticipatory finance (pre-arranged and trigger-based funds) for loss and damage and mainstream surveilance and monitoring of climate risks of al kinds (physical, t. [...] Financial regulators should ensure that al leading credit rating agencies fuly account for climate risks (physical, transition, spilover) in their assessment methodologies of public and private economic entities and capital/debt instruments and securities (inclusive of derivative markets) in order to incentivize climate action and penalize climate incompatible businesses and investments in the nea.
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