IDA - Health Watch 2 6 8
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IDA - Health Watch 2 6 8

5 October 2023


These systems ought to be cloud- based, they ought to be modular plug and play and they ought to be able to meet the needs of our people, with the ultimate goal of increasing access and positive outcomes for our veterans because that’s our ultimate VA mission. [...] Were the requirements correct? Is there scope creep? What we’re doing is changing the game a bit inside VA around that technology-as-a-service concept to better understand what we’re buying earlier in process to give the best value to the taxpayer and the best solution to our teammates. [...] From your perspective, how is the VA planning to manage the anticipated influx of veterans? How are you and your office contributing to the efforts? The PACT Act has been one of the largest expansions of VA benefits in over 40 years. [...] At the end of the day, it’s going to be the folks in the field that will be using the EHR, not program managers in Washington. [...] Digital transformation of health systems offers the promise of a suite of patient-centered improvements to the delivery of care, empowering clinicians to be more efficient and effective.

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