cover image: Inquiry into the cost of living The work of Relationships Australia


Inquiry into the cost of living The work of Relationships Australia

5 Oct 2023

Relationships Australia recognises the indivisibility and universality of human rights and the inherent and equal freedom and dignity of all. [...] Principle 2 – An expanded understanding of the nature, experiences and implications of poverty Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have different ways of knowing the dimensions of poverty; indeed, the drivers of poverty and the mechanisms and conditions for escaping from poverty are different from those applying to other groups in the community. [...] The co-occurrence of intimate partner violence with other social, economic and health challenges has long been visible in Relationships Australia’s practice experiences, including through use by several of our organisations of the Detection of Overall Risk Screen (DOORS).31 From the beginning of the pandemic, our practitioners have reported increases both in the number of co-morbidities and the in. [...] The December 2021 release of the report by the Australian Institute of Family Studies into the nature and prevalence of elder abuse indicates the nature and prevalence of this issue within the Australian community.54 In particular: • that policy and programme focus must broaden from financial abuse of older persons to recognise, prevent and respond to the other sub-types of abuse: psychological, p. [...] Term of reference (e) Measures to ease the cost of living through the provision of Government services The recent cost-benefit analysis of family and relationship services undertaken by The Centre for International Economics …builds on the already substantial body of evidence that supports the link between the provision of the suite of family and relationship services and improved health, safety,.


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