cover image: CASE STUDY - Harnessing AI For Refugee Placement - A Complex Challenge


CASE STUDY - Harnessing AI For Refugee Placement - A Complex Challenge

26 Oct 2023

needed to incorporate all of the factors considered in the existing process, sync to changing data from In initial conversations with IPL, one of the key partners receiving refugees, and include the ability challenges resettlement agencies expressed was to add new information manually. [...] at the characteristics of refugees who are soon to Following a two-year pause in development due to arrive, pulls up-to-date site-specific information, and the COVID-19 pandemic and drastic cuts by the produces an immediate recommendation for where previous administration to the numbers of refugees to send each refugee. [...] Once the team began Faster, More Accurate, using GeoMatch, the algorithm would factor all of this in and track the placements happening in real and Balanced Placements time to provide a recommendation that is balanced across the network and over time. [...] it for several months now and it’s so nice,” remarks Pursel, “It’s able to look into our database and with just a touch of a button, look at case dynamics, as well as seeing the choices available for us to place the case.” “Our goal from the beginning While GeoMatch doesn’t replace human decisions was to build a tool that in the placement process, it does empower staff in placement officers would. [...] For the for an incoming refugee is first version of the tool, the focus is on streamlining an important step on their the placement process and balancing distribution across sites.
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