Conservation Journeys - by Dr Don Garden - A history of VNPA
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Conservation Journeys - by Dr Don Garden - A history of VNPA

13 October 2023


lobbying campaign by a number of august Promontory; a national park in the Mallee; was not made a national park until the 1920s and the destruction or collection of fauna is In matters of conservation, the Australian organisations and individuals which and the erection of simple memorials to National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. [...] In that meant very little in Even then, national parks were not a new although the status and nominations was appointed chair of the committee, 1914, the Association was absorbed into terms of protection and the concept and their purpose and role had of reservations makes it problematic to and one of its prominent members and a the Town Planning and Parks Association, reserve was subsequently unde. [...] At one stage the internal slopes the need for soil conservation 1940s: in 1944, the Save the Forests training during the War and, combined with of the crater were being ‘improved’ to provide Campaign, which in 1951 became a the effects of fires, drought, rabbits and a track for motor-cycle racing, and funds and the mounting loss of non-profit company retitled the Natural ongoing grazing, much of t. [...] T hat all the several types and classes of and other interested bodies to discuss a Reserve dedicated to the use of the public course of action on Wilsons Promontory and the protection of nature and to the and, more broadly, grazing in national preservation, of historic, scenic and natural parks. [...] 26 anathema to the principles of national and of the movement in coming years, The SDC report was finally released in parks as outlined in the definition of at the 10 Conservation Journeys: A History of VNPA 1952–2010 Foundation and early years 11 Creation of the Victorian National Parks Association By the early 1950s, another course Fred Lewis, R.

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