ESRC Research Funding Guide for Je-S Applications September 2023
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ESRC Research Funding Guide for Je-S Applications September 2023

2 October 2023


The percentage of the working time that the applicant expects to spend on the research, and the extent of other commitments, must be stated on the research proposal form. [...] In such cases, one person must be regarded as the principal applicant taking the lead responsibility for the conduct of the research and the observance of the terms and conditions. [...] The amount added to the grant will reflect the notional cost in place at the time of nomination and the duration of the studentship requested in the original application. [...] It is, therefore, the responsibility of the grant holder to formally offer any data created or repurposed during the lifetime of the grant to the UK Data Service within three months of the end of the grant. [...] Commercial exploitation It is the ESRC’s policy that potentially valuable results or products arising from ESRC-funded research should, where practicable, be exploited for the benefit of the UK economy, the quality of life of the nation, the research organisation, the grant holder and the UK social science community.

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