The Rising Cost of Politics in Ghana: 1
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The Rising Cost of Politics in Ghana: 1

3 November 2023


The former is the ‘establishment candidate’ for the flagbearer of the NPP. [...] He has the incumbency advantage and has the support of the appointees of the 1 Alexander, Herbert E. [...] This blog, however, focuses on the interesting and sometimes wild revelations about vote buying and monetization of the process that have not been formally denied during the campaign periods and their impact on the democratic development of the country. [...] During his campaign in the Sagnarigu constituency, the maverick publicly made the allegation of vote buying and when the constituency chairman denied the allegation, he showed a video to the delegates to buttress his argument.6 In the run- up to the primaries on November 4, some delegates have alleged that they received money from the camp of both Dr. [...] Awareness creation on the part of both the givers and receivers is paramount in addressing the monetization of politics in the country.

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