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Economic Analysis - Economic Evaluation

2 Nov 2023

163 For transitions that pertain to time to next therapy (transitions 1, 3 and 5) the number of events and time to event 164 relate to the number of patients who failed their current line of therapy and moved on to the next line. [...] If the HR for TTP is equal to 304 the HR for time to death prior to progression, then the HR for PFS will equal the HR for TTP. [...] 322 In the base case analysis TTP was assumed to equal PFS and the HR for time to death prior to progression was 323 assumed to be 1 for all treatments (i.e., assuming time to death prior to progression was similar to the data as 324 observed in the CMRG). [...] 342 In the 4L setting patients do not receive a further line of therapy in the model and therefore the only impact a 343 treatment may have in the model is on mortality. [...] One reason for this is the difference in overall survival in the real- 668 world evidence versus the trial where patients in the trial had better overall survival than in the real world.


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