SESSION PLAN Sixth Conversations on R S e E s
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SESSION PLAN Sixth Conversations on R S e E s

27 October 2023


SESSION PLAN Sixth Conversations on RSeEsSeaSrIcOh N(C PoRLeA):N IG IDR PhD. [...] Colloquium VenuOe cfotor bAellr S3e1s –si oNnosv: eCmONbFeEr R3E, N20C2E3 H ALL Venue for All Lectures and Sessions: CONFERENCE HALL Wed nesday, November 1, 2023 Session 1 (09.00 – 11.00) Chair – Ritika Jain, Centre for Development Studies Paper 1: Fiscal Decentralization and Social Sector Spending: The Role Of Women’s Political Representation And Gender Quotas Presenter: Prakashani Singh – Indian. [...] Colloquium October 31 – November 3, 2023 POSTESRE SPSRIEOSNE PNLTAANT IONS Venue: Outsid e Auditorium Wednesday, November 1, 2023 Session 1 (11.30 – 13.00) Chair – Subrata Sarkar P oster 1: Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Study of Its Working in India and European Union Presenter: Kamaljeet Singh - Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala (Punjab) Poster 2: Intellectual Prop. [...] Trivandrum Poster 6: The Impact Of Climate Variability On Gender Differentiated Labor Market In Rural India Presenter: Vaishali Jain - Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi P oster 7: Millet Production and Rural Livelihoods: A Study of Selected Rainfed Districts In India Presenter: Himansu Sekhar Thapa - Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum P oster 8: The Political Economy of Forest. [...] Mythili Poster 1: The Economic Burden of Illness In India From Retrospective And Societal Perspective Presenter: Chandan Kumar Swain - Utkal University Poster 2: Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity in Indian Firms - An Empirical Analysis Presenter: Sanjeev Kumar - BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus Poster 3: Networks And Women’s Work: How Women Acquire Social Capital and How They Put Them.

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