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Parenting with Disabilities

6 Nov 2023

There may anticipate the information you’ll be lots of affordable and enjoy- need to have a safe and enjoyable For most of us, the whole point able destinations nearby that you trip.of “getting away” is to relax and haven’t thought of (please see take a break from the stresses of The main parts of the game are Staying Close to Home: A Green and day-to-day life. [...] Publication the travel experiences and insights and editing of submissions are at our On the other hand, the accessibility of a couple with disabilities, a writer discretion. [...] with Disabilities in the It can be extremely helpful, for Workplace example, to have a person or a The Youth Leadership Initiative helpline available that you can (YLI) team is happy to announce contact if you need support outside the official launch of an expanded of the people you’re travelling with. [...] Mark did not have the Many disability advocates like us mental capacity to report his ab- the Ministry and couldn’t want the Ministry of Social Devel- sence to the Ministry and couldn’t cope with the possibility opment and Poverty Reduction cope with the possibility of losing of losing his benefits (MSDPR) to change the legisla- his benefits for any length of time. [...] Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf IBPOC Deaf Interpreter Training for BC The Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf recognizes the growing demand for interpretation, transla- ensure access to services and care Canada – areas that, though iso- tion services, and safe spaces and during emergencies in the rural lated, have previously sponsored or environments for Deaf Indigenous, area of P.
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