Nalin Surie       - Volume I, Issue 10
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Nalin Surie - Volume I, Issue 10

2 November 2023


DPG is deeply committed to the growth of India’s national power and purpose, the security and prosperity of the people of India and India’s contributions to the global public good. [...] It will have, for instance, very serious trans-regional and international consequences and will further deepen divisions in the world, impact on the war against terrorism, on the efficacy and relevance of the UN system, on the rules of war and humanitarian law, and on European security and stability. [...] The timing is pertinent in the context of developments in the Indo-Pacific, in the QUAD and in US-Japan-ROK and US-Japan- Australia relations. [...] This is perhaps even more significant in the context of the ongoing Ukraine war, Chinese military activities vis-à-vis Taiwan, in the South and East China Sea (including against the Philippines), in the Indian Ocean and now the Israel- Hamas conflagration. [...] (They last met in Bali in November 2022, on the sidelines of the G20 summit.) During the month, Xi met a team of US Senators, the Governor of California and sent a letter of congratulations to the Annual gala dinner of the National Committee on US-China Relations.

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