WORKING PAPER 2023-24 - Shore power needs and CO emissions reductions of ships in
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WORKING PAPER 2023-24 - Shore power needs and CO emissions reductions of ships in

25 October 2023


This study estimates the energy needs of the ships berthing in 489 ports in the EU in 2019 and translates their energy demand into the power installation requirement, assuming different levels of CO2 emissions reduction. [...] 12 ICCT WORKING PAPER 2023-24 | SHORE POWER NEEDS AND CO2 EMISSIONS REDUCTIONS OF SHIPS IN EUROPEAN UNION PORTS: MEETING THE AMBITIONS OF THE FUELEU MARITIME AND AFIR Total CO2 emissions abatement Raising the ambitions of the FuelEU Maritime regulation and AFIR to ship types other than container, passenger and cruise ships, including smaller ships and boilers, would require 1,000 MW of installatio. [...] This would be expected, since the energy demand of ships not included in the regulation is almost equal to the energy demand of container and cruise ships combined (2,231 GWh for all containers and passenger ships; and 1,863 GWh for cargo ships, tankers, and other ships in TEN-T network). [...] Conclusions and recommendations This study evaluates the shore power requirements and potential reduction of CO2 emissions from ships in major EU ports within the existing scope of the “Fit for 55” regulations: the FuelEU Maritime regulation and AFIR. [...] Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the use of renewable and low-carbon fuels in maritime transport, and amending Directive 2009/16/EC.

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