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3 Nov 2023

The request was prepared and submitted by the Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations in Geneva representing the former government and consequently of questionable validity but it was endorsed by Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA)-appointed management of the Directorate of Mine Action Coordination (DMAC). [...] UNMAS, with support from the GICHD, proposed to migrate data from IMSMA NG to IMSMA Core in 2022 but DMAC did not agree.46 Since the Taliban takeover, information management for the MAPA has suffered severe disruption as a result of the financial crisis and diplomatic isolation facing the IEA, DMAC’s loss of staff, and upheavals in the working arrangements between DMAC and UNMAS.47 IPs have contin. [...] The results reported by six national and international IPs indicate they released AP and improvised AP mined areas totalling 52.07km2 in 2022, including 21.68km2 through survey and 30.39km2 as a result of clearance, which would represent the highest rate of clearance in the last four years.73 SURVEY IN 2022 IPs cancelled a total of 21.38km2, according to the latest DMAC data provided by the UN (se. [...] DMAC’s ability to discharge the November 2022 decision of UNMAS headquarters to halt its designated functions of regulator and coordinator funding for survey and clearance operations through the remained severely constrained by lack of UN funding that VTF and to return millions of dollars of assistance available paid the salaries of most DMAC personnel before the change to Afghanistan had looked p. [...] Meanwhile, DMAC and UNMAS to revert to arrangements that existed HALO reports higher community demand for clearance of in 2018 after the transition of management from the UN to AV mines placed across flat land suitable for cultivation and DMAC and to work from the same building as DMAC.88 The given a higher priority than legacy AP mines found mainly in Liaison Office was unable to comply with an a.
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