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IRAQ CLEARING THE MINES 2023 17.43 20,921

3 Nov 2023

LAND RELEASE 7 7 Federal Iraq and the KRI increased the amount of land cleared in 2022 but the total OUTPUTS AND area completed dropped as a result of a sharp fall in the amount of cancellation ARTICLE 5 through NTS in Federal Iraq. [...] However, despite the concentration of clearance assets in Anbar and Ninewa in the past two years, operators recorded almost daily discoveries of previously unrecorded hazardous areas, resulting in a net increase in the estimated level of contamination in these governorates in 2022. [...] Alone million in the decade to 2022 and averaged close to $4 million among the RMACs, it collects and uploads results of survey a year in 2020–22.24 The government’s 2023 budget approved and clearance to Federal Iraq’s IMSMA database and is by parliament in June 2023 provides for increased national responsible for tasking operators in its area of operations. [...] Long-running discussions on a proposed demining law have KRI raised the possibility of placing the DMA directly under the IKMAA functions as both the regulator and an operator Office of the Prime Minister but as of the middle of 2023 in the KRI. [...] The Ministry of Defence reported clearance and TS in 2021 and in 2022 had four multi-task in 2019 that it had twelve 600-strong engineer battalions teams qualified for TS, EOD, BAC, and clearing improvised conducting EOD and clearance of mines of an improvised mines and two EORE teams.87 DCA operations in 2022 faced nature in which approximately half the personnel (equating a series of bureaucrati.
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