cover image: Houthi Targeting of Religious Minorities - November 2023


Houthi Targeting of Religious Minorities - November 2023

14 Nov 2023

He also ordered the confiscation of Haydara’s property, the arrest of Haydara’s family, and the closure of all Baha’i institutions and forums in Yemen.29 Since Haydara’s trial, Rajeh has continued to oversee the prosecution of additional members of the Baha’i community.30 In addition to his role chairing trials for the Houthis’ Specialized Criminal Court (SCC) in Sanaa, Rajeh has also been appoint. [...] 46 “A meeting chaired by the Director of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic discusses the performance of the local authority in Saada,” Saba Net, May 6, 2022, . [...] embassy and enjoy the protection of Yemeni authorities.”47 Since then, the reality has changed: the number of Jews remaining in Yemen has dwindled to the single digits and the few Yemeni Jews that remain do not enjoy the protection of the authorities in Sanaa. [...] Yahyah Ali Mohammed Al-Asm The first four of those charged by the Houthis are members of the Jewish community alleged to have been involved in the smuggling, while the latter three are airport employees accused of assisting in the operation.51 Information about the charges, detention, and trials is scant. [...] He is likely in a Security and Intelligence Prison in Sanaa,57 but SAMRL notes there is a complete media blackout, observing “there is no accurate information available about the fate of [Libi] and the status of his trial in the charge of working for the Israeli Mossad.”58 The Houthi intelligence services likely sought to take control of the Marhabi file from the judiciary by framing him for crime.
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