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1 Nov 2023

At the height of the pandemic, the associated with the geographical concentration of Trump administration had to pressure the Indian supply chains. [...] The Indian Over 40% of generics in America originate in India.3 government has over the last two years taken several At the height of the pandemic, India was able to measures and enacted policy reforms to address the leverage the indigenous Serum Institute of India, the issue. [...] In fact, over the last two to power with a single-party majority in 2014, the decades the two nations have expanded the Indian government has had a better opportunity to relationship’s scope, historically grounded in accelerate the LPG process across a swath of information technology trade and the Indian industries. [...] While the policy reform pushed the Indian pharmaceutical sector up the value chain in the In the same period, the Indian domestic global generic-drug market, it induced greater pharmaceutical market’s growth outpaced the reliance on imports for the production of bulk drugs growth of the overall Indian economy by two or three at the lower end of the value chain.12 percentage points every year.15 Ex. [...] The vagaries in critical mineral supply chains are closely tied to the developments in As nations work toward their climate change goals, access the end-use in the value chain, such as technological to critical minerals becomes essential to the production of advancements and changes in battery chemistry.
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