Kenya - Country Climate and Development Report : Transport Sector Background Note (English)
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Kenya - Country Climate and Development Report : Transport Sector Background Note (English)

17 November 2023


This CCDR is divided into five chapters: chapter 1 focuses on Kenya’s development context and the risks and opportunities presented by climate change, analyzing the characteristics of key sectors of the country’s economy that could allow it to achieve green, inclusive growth that is also resilient to climate change. Chapter 2 offers an analysis of Kenya’s current policy and institutional structures for addressing climate change, suggesting ways of harmonizing policy and action across government levels for an integrated effort to address climate change and mobilize finance. Chapter 3 presents the detailed analyses underpinning the multisectoral action areas and their contribution to inclusive growth, climate resilience, and maintaining a low-carbon growth path in the face of changing climate and domestic and international contexts. Chapter 4 lays out the macrostructural modeling results of climate change impacts on Kenya’s economy in the short term through to 2050. It presents results for various damage channels, and different climate scenarios and illustrates ways in which the country can sustain growth and mitigate damage from climate change under the different scenarios. Chapter 5 identifies key priority areas and cost estimates for select investments that could contribute to the growth of Kenya’s economy while boosting its resilience to climate change and remaining on low-carbon pathway. It also presents options for scaling up climate finance, especially from the private sector, through diverse range of innovative instruments.

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Kenya - Country Climate and Development Report : Transport Sector Background Note
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