cover image: Funding Our Way: Rebalancing Revenues and Spending for a Fair and


Funding Our Way: Rebalancing Revenues and Spending for a Fair and

17 Nov 2023

The tax cuts and rebates, in particular, have been criticized due to the large amounts of cash given back to high income and wealthy individuals; money that could be better targeted to those more in need, or invested in repairing the damage to health, education and social services done by austerity, the pandemic and rising costs. [...] Rather than cutting taxes and giving handouts to the already well off, the province should be targeting revenue windfalls to facilitate an inclusive, and equitable social recovery, laying the foundation for future prosperity.6 This report argues that such solutions are a better response to the pres- sures Manitoba households are facing due to inflation and focuses on the ability of the Manitoba go. [...] This has been the case with the tax cutting plus austerity agenda of the Manitoba government since 2016, with aggressive expenditure restraint and reductions funding large tax cuts.16 Funding Our Way: Rebalancing Revenues and Spending for a Fair and Prosperous Manitoba 9 Another, arguably more straightforward, way to examine the equity impact of tax cuts is to look at the dollar value of the benef. [...] The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives likewise did an analysis of the income tax cuts proposed in Manitoba’s Budget 2023, including increasing tax bracket levels and the increase to the Basic Personal Amount (BPA).19 They found that the top 10 percent of income earners got more money back from the tax cuts then the bottom 50 percent of tax filers combined, and that the poorest 10 percent of. [...] Given the size of the NDP victory, the collapse of the Manitoba Liberals, the disarray of the PCs, and Manitoba’s history 34 Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives–MB of giving governments at least two terms in power, the path forward for increasing revenues and making the Manitoba tax system more progressive appears to require convincing the new NDP government to examine options over the coming.



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