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26 Oct 2023

On the contrary, the government continues various programs and projects that are against the Accord and the interest of the indigenous Jumma people. [...] Although decision was taken to formulate the Rules of the CHTLC during the meetings of the ‘CHT Accord Implementation and Monitoring Committee,’ and CHTLC, with immediate effect in the interest of resolving the land disputes in CHT, the government has kept the process of formulating the Rules hanging for the last 6 years. [...] On the other end, as most projects in CHT are implemented through the CHT Development Board with the approval of the Ministry of CHT Affairs while by-passing the CHT Regional Council and Hill District Councils, the unique governance system of CHT is getting wrecked, and the process is creating complexity in the administration and the development as well. [...] Most of the indigenous languages in the northern part of the country are on the verge of extinction. [...] Although Bangladesh repeatedly promised the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the last three consecutive five-year plans, the ruling party and the state’s mechanism, especially the security forces, continue to provide various restrictions on the use of the term ‘indigenous’.


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