G20 University Connect Finale - RIS Diary
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G20 University Connect Finale - RIS Diary

16 November 2023


He emphasized Minister Shri Narendra Modi cleanliness campaign to be held the importance of the Indian G20 graced the platform and addressed across the nation on 1 October 2023, Presidency to be developed as a the gathering of students and to promote and be part of digital future case study for research and teachers. [...] Summit, Strengthening Bilateral Titled "A Comparative Study of the Points’ to address the bottlenecks Ties: “USA and India Collaborate Maritime Transport Agreements of with regards to Indo-Bangladesh for the Development of the BIMSTEC Nations and the Way connectivity and beyond. [...] He members, the clean energy pillar discussed the importance of the Indo- highlighted that the new agreement and the fair economy pillar of the Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), has far-reaching consequences for IPEF. [...] Nicolas Buchoud highlighted the idea of incorporating different underscored the development the emphasis on the Global South in responsibilities and common aspects emphasized in the G20 infrastructure financing and the interests. [...] • Panelist in the session on South- • Chaired the Plenary Session • Chaired the session on Behind the South and Triangular Cooperation on New Technologies and Scenes: Making of the Indian G20 in a Changing Global Order Emerging Labour Market : organised by Observer Research at the MGG Global Network Global Perspectives at the Foundation (ORF) on 2 August Conference 2023 organised by international.

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